Travelling Back to the Interesting History of Gambling and Analysing Its Evolution

Gambling has existed since ancient times. It was only after 17th-century gambling houses which resemble casinos came into the picture. Back then it was a favourite pastime for rich people. They indulged in gambling in private clubs. Gambling has come a long way since then.

With the advent of the internet, gambling had become way more easily accessible to everyone. It got people hooked to it due to the variety of games and less risks involved. Check out Betufa and choose between their extensive collections of fun online gambling games. This Thailand based popular online casino and football betting site provides realistic winning chances.

Tracing back to the history of gambling:

  • 2300BC: The first solid evidence of betting points to Ancient China. There were tiles unearthed suggesting the practice of a game of chance and a book “The Chinese Book of Songs” suggests the tiles have been used in a lottery type game.
  • 500 BC: Greek history writings mentioned the use of dice. There has been proof of Romans and Ancient Greeks not missing an opportunity to gamble. Since gambling was illegal there were gambling chips invented to prevent guards from nabbing the players.
  • 800AD: During the 9th-century playing cards were used by Chinese and those cards are far from what is used today. Some believe the cards were paper versions of Chinese Domino.
  • 1400s: The first mention of Baccarat was during 1400 in Italy and then France. The game continues to be hugely popular today though it has evolved a lot.
  • 1600: The mention of a Spanish game, Ventiuna appeared in one of their books (1601) and is the earliest version of blackjack. There existed a similar French game from the 17th
  • 1638: Gambling houses started coming up in Italy. The Ridotto was built in Venice in 1963 and served as a controlled gambling hub.
  • 1796: Roulette originated from Paris and the European version of it was introduced only after 50 years.
  • 1891: The first gambling machine invented resembles today’s slots machines and were developed in New York. Early machines treated the winner with gums and cigars instead of money.
  • 1910: Gambling’s presence was on and off in the United States. In 1910 due to public pressure, gambling was strictly banned only to be legalized in many states again during the 1930s after a severe economic crisis.

Online gambling

During the mid 90s gambling websites made their appearance. Microgaming which is one of the leading casino developers are booming in the market since then. By 1996, there were about 15 online gambling sites. By the end of 1997, the number of sites multiplied to 200.

The rise of sports betting

Intertops was the first platform to let players make bets on their favourite sports teams. Due to its success, sports betting started expanding. Betfair then introduced peer-to-peer wagering in 2007. Players could bet among themselves and the site received their commission from the players involved. Two years later live sports betting gained immense popularity.

Gambling is still illegal in many parts of the USA. European countries have embraced online gambling and the US is gradually following suit. The virtual gambling industry continues to keep people captivated and is a booming industry.

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