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Dominion – Seaside Card Game Review

It has been a lengthy time coming, however your Dominion has finally expanded to achieve the sea shore in Dominion: Seaside, an expansion for that hit card game. There’s lots of territory past the shore though, with islands and native villages ripe for that picking. So recruit explorers, navigators, merchant ships and ambassadors. Confront pirates, cope with smugglers and discover hidden treasure inside your mission to expand your Dominion past the ocean!

Dominion: Seaside may be the second expansion for that deck-building card game that’s been hugely popular since its debut in 2008. Becoming an expansion set, it takes either the bottom Dominion game or even the standalone expansion Intrigue to experience. This review concentrates on a seaside expansion. If you wish to learn more about how exactly the bottom game is performed, please read our Dominion review.

Dominion: Seaside is yet another thematic expansion set, following a underhanded and covert theme in Intrigue. In Seaside, them are based loosely round the naval and oceanic styles, with card effects representing the minds of exploration, colonization, pirates and treasure maps. A brand new card type – Duration cards – can also be introduced within this set, altering the way in which games are performed.

These Duration cards would be the greatest new idea introduced within the Seaside expansion. These orange-colored action cards have persistent effects, supplying you with benefits until the next turn. They range from the Merchant Ship that gives you 2 coins whenever you listen to it, and the other 2 coins in your next turn. There’s even the Caravan that gives you an additional card immediately and also on the next turn. However, probably the most interesting Duration cards would need to function as the Lighthouse and also the Tactician. While providing you with an additional action as well as an extra gold coin immediately as well as on the next turn, the Lighthouse also enables you to safe from all Attack cards even though it is in play! Using the Tactician, you are able to discard your hands to be able to have 10 cards, 2 buys and a pair of actions in your next turn. Now that’s preparing in advance!

Other new concepts will also be introduced in Seaside, presenting new physical tokens and products to spice up the sport. There’s the Embargo card that allows you to place embargo tokens onto a card pile. When any player buys a card from that pile, they likewise have to achieve a Curse card. If you are using the Pirate Ship, you’re able to plunder treasure out of your opponents, and gain superbly-crafted gold coin tokens for every effective plunder. Also introduced is really a separate playmat signifying a local Village. Whenever you take part in the Native Village card, you’ll be able to set cards aside to the playmat ready to work with later hanging around. Other cards like the Haven and Island also permit you to set cards aside for later.

There’s also lots of cards in Seaside that suit the naval theme. The Explorer enables you to obtain a Gold for those who have a Province in hands. And just try to possess 2 Treasure Map cards inside your hands simultaneously, you discover hidden treasure and gain 4 Gold cards! And just what naval story is finished with no ever-present Smugglers? This option allow you to obtain a copy from the card the previous player acquired last turn. Appears like treasure and loot is among the major focuses of the set!

The Country series appears to become relocating the best direction, adding new styles and new concepts and mechanics with every expansion. The naval and pirate theme is lighthearted and fun, and it is a welcome change of pace following the more dark subterfuge styles in Intrigue. Seaside also adds something not seen before within this deck-building game: physical objects. It’s nice to experience using the extra products for example embargo tokens and pirate coins, as opposed to just concentrating on drawing and shuffling cards.

Additionally, it appears like the sport continues to be going strong without any indications of slowing lower, with a brand new Alchemy expansion released at the begining of 2010, and the other expansion entitled Success scheduled to be sold at the end of 2010. Should you already play Dominion, getting Dominion: Seaside will prove to add excitement while you toss in the brand new cards and ideas in to the mix. For those who have yet to test the sport, obtain a copy of Seaside in addition to either the bottom game or Intrigue and begin conquering!

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